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Scheduling a Session

Preparing for a Session
You should arrive at a session wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. If there are any specific concerns or questions you have, feel free to discuss them with me before the session, and don’t hesitate to speak up during the work if something is painful or causing undue stress. This is your healing; I am here to facilitate that experience.

During the Session
You will lay, fully-clothed, on a massage table, covered by a blanket if you choose. I will make a general assessment of your craniosacral system, and then proceed to make any adjustments and positioning necessary following the cues of your body. This is a highly individualize therapy and is tailored to you and your body in the moment.

You will lay on the massage table, covered by a sheet or blanket. A variety of techniques may be used, including gentle or deep-tissue massage, the use of massage oils or lotions, the placing of warm stones on the body to facilitate muscle relaxation and blood flow, and other techniques determined throughout the session.

After either treatment, I will leave the room, allowing you the space and privacy to be in your body and feel the differences. Please open the door slightly when you are ready for me to re-enter.

Hours and Fees
I am available for appointments Monday-Thursday and some Saturdays between the hours of 9am and 7pm. We can discuss other times or arrangements as necessary. All appointments are scheduled in advance, though occasionally I am available due to cancellation; please feel free to call with any questions.

Standard Rates are:
Adult Session (generally about one hour) - $70
Hour and a Half Session - $90
Child or Infant Sessions (generally 25 to 30 minutes) - $35
Pet Sessions (dogs, cats, others by discussion) - $35

My office is located on the second floor of 2044 Atwood Avenue (above Wong's Chinese Restuarant). Parking is available on the street (either side, metered - 35¢ per hour), as well as in the lot next door in the evening (after 5pm) and on weekends. The entrance is on the left side of the building, under the awning. There is a restroom just to the left of the doors, around the corner. My office is up the stairs and to the left, near the fire escape. Feel free to enjoy a cup of water or tea while waiting for your session. There are also some magazines to read.

Driving Directions
From the East:
Head west on East Washington
Turn left on First Street (stop light)
Turn left on Winnebago (stop light)
Turn right on Atwood Avenue (stop light)
2044 is on the left in the first block

From Monona:
North on Monona Drive past Olbrich Gardens - Monona Drive becomes Atwood Avenue
Pass Monty's Blue Plate (on your left) and The Barrymore Theater (on your right)
2044 is in the next block after Monty's and The Barrymore

From the West:
University Avenue to the Square to East Washington or Beltline East to John Nolan Drive and connect with East Washington
Head east on East Washington
Turn right on First Street (stop light)
Turn left on Winnebago Street (stop light)
Turn right on Atwood Avenue (stop light)
2044 is on the left in the first next block